Our experts are ready to answer your questions about teaching computer courses in the Czech Republic 7 days a week!

We will find you the best program and course of study as well as offer professional consultation on other issues. You can contact us in any convenient way:

Phone:  +420 773 696 752
Fax: cgclass
Mobile: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


5 steps for admission to the training program:

Get advice

To start registration in the program we encourage you to contact the central office CGClass in Prague. In the first consultation, you will hear about programs of computer courses, modes of study, rates and conditions of enrollment. You will be able to ask any burning questions.

Fill in the form on our website

Filling of the simple form on our site becomes the second step. Please, specify all necessary information when filling form. It is required for preparation of the contract with the CGClass center. If you have questions you can contact center professionals in the Czech Republic.

Take the document for payment

Further you need to take the document from the CGClass center to make a payment. You can take this by post or by email.

Pay the cost of the CGClass program

Than you pay CGClass program cost. In the additional document will be all information, which is necessary for payment: requisites, sum and basis. You can pay our services by any convenient way.

Start the course

After completion of all stages of admission to the program out teacher will come to your office or contact with you on Skype for beginning of a training course.