Briefly about the course Microsoft Word

  • 18 hours (27 academic hours)
  • 9 days
  • Start training - as agreed
  • Education in your office or on Skype
  • Cost - from 5800 Kč per person

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Information about the computer course Microsoft Word

Computer course MS Word 2010 / 2013 is designed for students with elementary theoretical and practical skills of work on the personal computer as user. Applicant must be able to work on the keyboard and to know the file system (disks, folders and files).

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. With its help you can quickly create, edit and print documents. Today MS Word is one of the most frequently used software applications on a computer.

Computer course Microsoft Word 2010/2013 will allow you to quickly improve the efficiency of your work with documents. We focus your attention on this aspect, because the vast majority of users know poorly the features and instruments of Microsoft Word.

The purpose of the course MS Word 2010/2013 - to prepare skilled, competitive, self-confident users of Microsoft Word 2010/2013, which will be able to work quickly and efficiently with large volumes of information, complex documents and automation of operations.

The training is focused on the practical application of skills.

This course will be interesting and useful for people of different professions, regardless of age, basic education and activities.

Instructor: Marina Tkachenko


Our advantages:

  • Individual training
  • The possibility of learning in your office
  • Convenient time employment
  • The course optimized for your tasks
  • Certified teachers
  • Free advice on the best bunch of programs to achieve maximum effect from training
  • Certificate of training center of CGClass

Cost of training MS Word

On Skype

Individually in your office

Corporate Training
in your office (per person)

6200 Kč

7500 Kč

2–10 persons — 6400 Kč
over 10 persons — 5800 Kč

The program of the computer course MS Word 2010 / 2013


Introduction to interface: ribbon, tabs, groups, commands. Quick access toolbar. Status bar.
Work with file: create, save, open, close, recent files. Word options.
Document views. Adding of ruler, gridlines. Zoom setting.
Text input, keyboard shortcuts. Adding of new page.
Text review: spelling and grammar, thesaurus, proofing and autocorrect.
Readability statistics.
Printing documents from Microsoft Word: print settings.


Operations and selecting of text ranges: copy, move, paste, operations with clipboard.
Text formatting: font, size, style, case, colour, highlight, other effects. Format painter.
Formatting of paragraphs: alignment, indentation, spacing, fill.
Work with lists: numbering, bullets, multi-level lists. Option setting for list formatting.
Copy and clear formatting.


Inserting of objects from other applications.
Inserting of mathematical formulas. Inserting special characters.
Inserting images. Image settings. Using figures.
Creation of SmartArt. Using WordArt. Drop Cap creation.


Inserting of hyperlinks, bookmarks, cross-references.
Creation and formatting of headers and footers. Inserting of date and time, page number.
Page breakes. Creation of columns. Section breakes.
Page setup: margins, orientation, size.


Work with tables.
Creation and formatting of tables. Inserting of table.
Work with rows and columns. Alignment in table cells. Repetition of table headers on every page.
Calculations in table.
Table styles, borders and fill.
Excel tables in Word document. Inserting of charts from Excel.


Navigation in document.
Commands "Find", "Go to", "Replace".
Sorting of paragraphs. Line numbers.
Styles in documents. Creation and changing.
Using quick parts. Work with AutoText.


Table of figures. Insert the names of illustrations, charts.
Work with footnotes.
Create bibliographies, tables of athorities, index.
Adding a cover page. Creating a table of contents.


Creating and editing comments.
Limit editing capabilities. Review document in Markup mode. Accepting changes.
Merge documents. Envelopes, labels, catalogs, letters, e-mail messages.


Form controls: text box, check box, drop-down list, option button, combo box.
Automation of work with macros. Record and edit macros. Create a button to run the macro.
Document templates. Standard templates. Create custom templates.

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