Briefly about the course MS PowerPoint

  • 10 hours (15 academic hours)
  • 5 days
  • Start training - as agreed
  • Education in your office or on Skype
  • Cost - from 3800 Kč per person

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Information about the computer course MS PowerPoint

Computer course course is designed for students with elementary theoretical and practical skills of work on the personal computer as user. Applicant must be able to work on the keyboard and to know the file system (disks, folders and files).

Microsoft PowerPoint enters into Microsoft Office packet. The program is intended for demonstration of necessary materials during a public statement (the report, presentation), and also for creation of electronic rollers.

Microsoft PowerPoint will help you to be extremely convincing before audience of a different level of readiness. Microsoft PowerPoint is capable to revitalize the most boring report, lecture, a seminar. Microsoft PowerPoint is sometimes irreplaceable in advance of goods and services, in advertizing, during carrying out competitions and tenders.

Having mastered Microsoft PowerPoint, you without special difficulties will be able to focus audience attention on the key moments, is more exact to inform thought, and also to fill your public message with a various evident material.

Microsoft PowerPoint contains all necessary tools for fast creation of computer animation rollers, a distributing material, theses, synopsis of the lecturer, color and black-and-white overheads for a projector, possibility of application of video and audio of effects, charts and tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint gives the chance to create presentations for WEB and to organize collaboration through Internet. MS PowerPoint can apply to preparation of printing documents – leaflets, declarations, signs.

Tight integration with other packets of Microsoft Office allows exchanging MS PowerPoint this between presentation and documents of other types (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel).

PowerPoint is able to help your children to flash before schoolmates by preparation of school reports and papers. Thanks to a wide choice of subjects, templates and prototypes it is possible to create dynamic presentations, learning cards, certificates with ease.

The course of MS PowerPoint is developed taking into account needs of different age groups: from the school student – to the pensioner.

Instructor: Marina Tkachenko


Our advantages:

  • Individual training
  • The possibility of learning in your office
  • Convenient time employment
  • The course optimized for your tasks
  • Certified teachers
  • Free advice on the best bunch of programs to achieve maximum effect from training
  • Certificate of training center of CGClass

Cost of training

On Skype

Individually in your office

Corporate Training
in your office (per person)

4200 Kč

5500 Kč

2–10 persons — 4400 Kč
over 10 persons — 3800 Kč

The program of the computer course MS PowerPoint


PowerPoint start. Interface.
Window structure. Interface elements. Methods of creation of presentation. Presentation opening. Presentations browse modes.
Operations with slides. Adding and duplicating of slides. Deleting, copying and relocation of slides. Insertion restoration.
Operation with presentation contents in a structure mode. Village parameters. Printing. Saving in different formats.
Design of a slide Formatting of uniform style of presentation: use of templates of design, setup of the color scheme, special background, slide samples. Job of appearance of titles and text on all slides. Creation of slides of a different marking.


Sample of slides. Text adding on a slide.
Text adding in a text frame. Text adding in a figure. Text adding in a label.
Formatting of text units. Formatting of paragraphs. Change of appearance of a font. Adding of page headers in presentation.
Operation with objects part 1. Tables. Application and change of style of the table. Text formatting in the table. Insertion of the table of Excel.
AutoShapes. Setup of objects and execution of operations. Group of pattern elements. Shadow and volume setup for AutoShapes. Creation of figures of arbitrary form. Creation of screenshots.


Operation with objects part 2. Pictures.
Setup of parameters of a picture. Photo album creation. Wordart styles. Shadow and volume setup.
Schematic charts. Creation and formatting of the schematic chart. Text adding in the schematic chart.
Charts. Creation of charts in PowerPoint (implementation of charts). Insertion of charts from Excel.


Roller animation setting. Adding of transitions between slides. Setup of speed of change of slides. The job of animation effects for objects.
Animation of the Schematic chart. Animation of charts.
Demonstration of slides. Time setup in a rehearsal mode. Display and slide concealment.


Interactive possibilities of MS PowerPoint.
Adding of transitions. Creation of hyperlinks.
Creation of controlling buttons. Trigger creation. Settings of the PowerPoint parameters.

On computer courses Microsoft Office we can offer you an individual form of training, and corporate (group) form of education in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

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