Briefly about the course HTML+CSS

  • 14 hours (21 academic hours)
  • 7 days
  • Start training - as agreed
  • Education in your office or on Skype
  • Cost - from 3800 Kč per person

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Information about the computer course HTML+CSS

Computer course HTML / CSS is designed for students with theoretical and practical skills to work on a personal computer. It is desirable to know the basics of working with the service and any WWW browser.

The course is designed for Web beginners – masters who want to learn how to develop pages sites using HTML / CSS, corresponding to modern requirements for cross-browser layout, and for experienced programmers, who want to master the skills to effectively create stable HTML - templates of any complexity, corresponding to the modern standards of the Internet.

As a result of training, students will receive the following knowledge and skills:

  • Create and layout HTML - pages
  • Cross-browser layout design a website using CSS
  • Standards of design code and file structure formation
  • Standards of design code and file structure formation
  • Basics of Optimization Web - pages for the search engines (an introduction to SEO)
Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


Our advantages:

  • Individual training
  • The possibility of learning in your office
  • Convenient time employment
  • The course optimized for your tasks
  • Certified teachers
  • Free advice on the best bunch of programs to achieve maximum effect from training
  • Certificate of training center of CGClass

Cost of training

On Skype

Individually in your office

Corporate Training
in your office (per person)

4200 Kč

5500 Kč

2–10 persons — 4400 Kč
over 10 persons — 3800 Kč

The program of the computer course HTML+CSS


Tools of the Web developer.
The structure of HTML - document. Concept of a marking of the document. Main concepts of the HTML language: tag, attribute and its value.
HTML specialization. Marking of text contents: titles, paragraphs, lists and links.
Types of HTML - tags. The rule of an enclosure of HTML – elements. Validation of pages. Practical work.


Main concepts of the tables CSS.
CSS technology application with HTML – code. Methods of connection of style sheets to the document. Reset file. Cross-browser problems.
Use of different selectors for style design.
Practical work.


Web – typographics. Span element.
Text formatting by means of CSS. The block model of HTML - element. Div element. CSS – properties of block model.
Practical work.


Marking of a frame of the page.
Positioning: the relative, absolute and the fixed. Z-index property.
Development of a prototype of the Web page on the basis of CSS – positioning. Concept of the fixed and rubber imposition.
Practical work.


Work with graphics.
Methods of optimization of a graphics. Imposition of difficult graphic elements.
Work with lists and links. Creation of the menu of navigation.
Practical work.


Types of output devices. Creation of the marking changing on different output devices.
Creation of alternative style sheets. CSS - hacks and CSS - filters.
Site, as a unit. Concept of the basic project. Project files management. CSS optimization – tables for big projects.
Practical work.

On computer courses of HTML and CSS we can offer you personal and corporate forms of education.

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