Briefly about the course "3DS Max: Visualization in Corona"

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  • 5 days
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Information about the course "3DS Max: Visualization in Corona"

Computer course is designed for students with confident skills in Windows.

Course of visualization in Corona Renderer is dedicated to one of the most physically correct visualization modules. Corona Renderer is a new visualizer, which allows achieve an incredible photorealistic. Corona has been developed in the Czech Republic in 2009. Its creator, Ondra Karlík, still takes an active part in developing the visualizer together with his team. With every update module supports more functions, while the priority is always its high stability. Every day there are more high-quality materials for Corona. But the most important feature of Corona, which distinguishes it from its competitors, is ease of configuration, high speed and fine physically correct picture. You no longer need to spend a lot of hours on the correct render settings to get the "delicious" picture - with Corona you can do it much faster!

In recent years Corona has become very popular and gained a large number of fans. There are several license options, including a license for pupils and university students. In addition to the usual license you can download an outdated version of Corona Alpha6, which is for free and still gives a great result.

The course "3DS Max: Visualization of in Corona" is devoted to professionals and those who want to become them. Under the leadership of the skilled instructor you research all possibilities of Corona, without spending excess time for useless hours-long experiments. You learn how it is possible to make that in some minutes, on what at others days and weeks leave.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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6200 Kč

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2–10 persons — 6400 Kč
over 10 persons — 5800 Kč

The program of the course "3DS Max: Visualization in Corona"


Preparing for visualization in Corona.
Corona installation and basic setup.
Corona Virtual Frame Buffer - the window of rendering in Corona.
Basic Concepts of Corona Render.


Corona light sources.
Corona Light Rectangle - a rectangular light source.
Corona Light Disk.
Corona Light Cylinder - cylindrical light source.
Corona Sun and Corona Sky
Setting and interaction of Corona Sun and Corona Sky
White Balance, Exposure, Contrast and Highlight compression in Corona Render


Statement of the light in the interior
Daylight: soft light, the light from the window
Night statement of the light in the interior


Corona materials.
Mirrors and reflective materials. Blurred reflections in Corona.
Opaque objects (matte, matte surface).
The effect of the optical density of the glass - Absorption.
Creation of basic materials in Corona: glass, metal surfaces, wooden floor, plaster, plastic, concrete material.
Converting V-Ray materials to Corona materials.


Statement of light in the exterior
Corona scatter for random filling of scene by different objects
Corona Proxy - work in Corona with highly polygonal objects

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