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  • 20 hours (30 academic hours)
  • 10 days
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  • Education in your office or on Skype
  • Cost - from 3800 Kč per person

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Information of the computer course CorelDRAW

The program of course of CorelDRAW allows students to open fully possibilities of CorelDRAW, to master receptions of processing of graphics images. The course of CorelDRAW is intended for operation with any kinds of computer and vector graphics.

The course of CorelDRAW is addressed to those who need to learn to use the CorelDRAW program in the shortest periods. Operation with graphics images is included into a circle of professional interests of those who works with printing products. CorelDRAW – a solution of the problem of preparation of prototypes of covers of books, business cards, letterheads, creations of logos, cards and other printing products.

The course of CorelDRAW will be interesting both to professionals, and fans.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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  • Individual training
  • The possibility of learning in your office
  • Convenient time employment
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  • Certified teachers
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Cost of training

On Skype

Individually in your office

Corporate Training
in your office (per person)

4200 Kč

5500 Kč

2–10 persons — 4400 Kč
over 10 persons — 3800 Kč

The program of the computer course CorelDRAW


CorelDRAW: composition, features, use in polygraphy. Setup of the program interface. Graphic primitives. Separation and conversion of objects.
Means of enhanced accuracy. Rulers. Grids. Guides. Exact conversions of objects. Alignment and distribution of objects.
Practical work. Creation of graphic primitives.


Skills of operation with objects. Control of the scale of viewing of objects. Document browses modes.
Copying of objects. Streamlining of placement of objects. Group of objects. Object connection. Logical actions.
Practical work.. Creation of elements of design.


Editing of the geometrical form of objects. Object types: graphic primitives and freely edited objects. Change of geometry of object with the instrument of editing of the form.
Division of objects by means of the tool knife. Division of objects by means of the tool knife.
Practical work. Creation of elements of the advertizing unit.


Creation and editing of circuits. Creation of objects of arbitrary odds. The free drawing and Bezier curves.
Skills of operation with circuits. Circuit setup. Creation and editing of an art circuit.
Practical work. Label creation.


Work with color. Color nature. Color models. Simple and composite colors. Methods of coloration of objects. Transparency of object. Color separation.
Practical work. Creation of the advertizing unit.


Text design. Types of the text: plain and curly text. Curly text. Creation, editing, formatting, mission.
Text placement along a curve. Editing of the geometrical form of the text.
Plain text. Creation, editing, formatting, mission. Skills of operation with text units.
Practical work. Creation of the seals. Design of the text.


Planning and prototype creation. Document setup. Prototype planning. Prototype creation.
Practical work. Creation of the advertizing unit. Package development.


Operation with bitmap images. Import of bitmap images. Editing of bitmap images. Curly cropping.
Trace of bitmap images. Formats of vector and bitmap images.
Practical work. Card creation.


Use of special effects. Perspective adding. Shadow creation. Envelope application.
Deformation of the form of object. Object lens application. Circuit of objects. Effect of an overflowing of objects. Volume giving to objects.


Document printing. Planning and prototype creation about use of all CorelDraw elements.
Layout preparation for printing. Setup of printing options. Color separation mode.
Total work. Development of package, corporate style, cover, advertizing unit.

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