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Information about the computer course AutoCAD 3D

Computer course is designed for students with confident skills in Windows.The knowledge of the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop programs are desirable. We recommend to take AutoCAD 2D course. This course is continuation of basic course of AutoCAD 2D.

AutoCAD is the world leader among decisions for 2D - and 3D - design. Being more effective, 3D - simulation allows to accelerate project works and documentation release, to share models and to develop new ideas. AutoCAD 3D allows to meet the needs of the most wide range of clients.

The course AutoCAD 3D is recommended to the experts who already have experience in this automated design engineering system. In training activity listeners will receive practical navykiprimeneniye of the AutoCard tools for creation and modification of objects of three-dimensional scenes.

The course AutoCAD 3D envelops methods and receptions of creation of three-dimensional models, commands of obtaining sections, sections and projections on three-dimensional model, formation and configuration of drawings, possibilities of visualization and animation. The course can be used as basic for mastering of a specialized CAD: Mechanical Desktop, Architectural Desktop, Autodesk MEP.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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The program of the computer course AutoCAD 3D


Work in three-dimensional space in AutoCAD.
Concept of a work space (Working Spaces) of AutoCAD 2010. Fundamental differences from prior versions. The new interface for work with three-dimensional objects in AutoCAD. Control of types. Control of visual representations. Creation of three-dimensional primitives (Box, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.). Editing and relocation of primitives with use of controlling markers.


Coordinate systems. Solid-state the 3D - simulation in AutoCAD.
Coordinate systems in AutoCAD. Transition between coordinate systems, the DUCS mode (dynamic change of coordinate system). Creation of three-dimensional bodies of extrusion. Creation of axially symmetrical bodies. Boolean operations: subtraction, combining, intersection.


Solid-state the 3D - AutoCAD simulation in architecture.
Concept of history of object. Control of history of creation of object. Solid modeling in architecture: creation of a box of the building or location. Transmission of solid-state model in 3ds Max. Transmission 2D - project circuits in 3ds Max.


Solid-state the 3D - AutoCAD simulation in mechanical engineering.
Three-dimensional bodies of Sweep, Loft. Chamfers and roundings off. Solid modeling in mechanical engineering: creation of simple three-dimensional details. Influence of coordinate systems on executed operations. Plotting of the three-dimensional sizes.


Editing of solid-state 3D models in AutoCAD.
Editing of three-dimensional ph. Control of markers. Application of special operations: cutting, extrusion of edges. Creation of sections and sections. Flat Shot - the new tool for creation 2D - representations.


Preparation for printing three-dimensional models. Arrays.
Preparation of three-dimensional models for printing in AutoCAD. Arrays: rectangular, radial and operation with them. Classical tasks: ladders, layout of a tile.


Work with units in AutoCAD. Dynamic units.
The concept of units in AutoCAD. Dynamic units and their preparation. Attributes of units and work with them. Compilation of reports.


Work with difficult projects.
Control of filings (Sheet Sets) in AutoCAD. The mechanism of external references of XRef in AutoCAD. Editing and control of XRef-files. System of the name of layers. Work with tables.


Visualization in AutoCAD.
Mode of representation of Realistic. Setup of a configuration of a 3D graphics accelerator. Light sources in AutoCAD. Visualization, setup of a render.


Visualization and materials in AutoCAD.
Cameras and operation with them. Materials in AutoCAD. Methods of projection of cards (UVW Mapping).

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