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Information about the computer course AutoCAD 2D

The computer course is designed for students having sure skills of operation in Windows. The knowledge of the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop programs is desirable.

AutoCAD — the 2- and 3-dimensional automated design engineering system and the plotting, developed by the Autodesk Company. AutoCAD is the most widespread application program in the sphere of computer-aided design.

The training program on course of AutoCAD is aimed at masterings of opportunities of automation of development process of project and designer documentation. Basic purpose of AutoCAD system - creation of drawings for design of different objects.

Classes of course of AutoCAD 2D are built so that listeners had opportunity practically to participate in learning process, quickly and in worthy volume seizing the principles of operation in AutoCAD.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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Cost of training

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4200 Kč

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2–10 persons — 4400 Kč
over 10 persons — 3800 Kč

The program of the computer course AutoCAD 2D


AutoCAD interface. AutoCAD operation modes.
Features of the AutoCAD interface. The command line interface, innovations in the interface of new AutoCAD versions. Navigation according to the drawing in AutoCAD. Main primitives of AutoCAD: line, segment, circle, rectangle, etc. AutoCAD operation modes. Polar mode. Fast drawing of figures with the multiple angles.


Object bindings and their application in work.
Separation of objects in AutoCAD. Guides (Creation lines) in AutoCAD. Working methods, use cases. Concept of an object binding of AutoCAD. Mains object, bindings of AutoCAD (OSNAP mode). Tracking mode of an object binding of OTRACK. Practical operation on application of bindings when drawing, working off of receptions of fast plotting. Fast drawing of the plan of location.


Polylines. Edit commands.
Polylines and work with them in AutoCAD. Creation, detonation, assembly to the polyline in AutoCAD.
Operations of conversions. Relocation, Turn, Scaling, Stretching, etc.
Operations of editing in AutoCAD. Equidistance (parallel circuit), Roundings off, circuit Undercutting, etc. Exercises on fixing of operations of conversion and editing.


Edit commands in AutoCAD. Operation with layers in AutoCAD.
Editing by means of controlling markers. Special bindings: parallelism, tangents, perpendicular. Exercise on bindings and editing of circuits in AutoCAD.
The layered organization of the document in AutoCAD. Creation, deleting, handling layers in AutoCAD. Composition of layers of the machine-building drawing. Composition of layers of the architectural project. Drawing of simple details in AutoCAD.


Thickness and types of lines in AutoCAD. Sizes.
Object properties in AutoCAD. Types of lines: definition, use, control of scale. Thickness of lines, control of properties of layers. Main sizes: the linear, radial, angular, etc. The sizes from basis, sized circuits.
Exercises for dimensioning.


Sized styles in AutoCAD. Hatchings.
Setup of sized style, hipping of sized style. Creation of Architectural sized style, style of an architectural circuit. The accounting of scale of the printing in sized style. Transmission of sized styles between documents. Hatchings in AutoCAD. Hatching on a template, filling by color, the user hatching.


Work with the text in AutoCAD. Text styles.
One-line text: creation of heading texts, text boxes. The multiline text - a simple method of creation of the formatted units of the text. Text styles, operation with fonts in AutoCAD. Callout, look setup according to ESKD.


Preparation for printing in AutoCAD.
Different approaches to preparation for printing in AutoCAD. The printing from model: main requirements, shortcomings. Work in a paper space, advantages of approach. Job of printing options. Concept of floating specific screens.


The printing from model in AutoCAD. Splines. Arcs.
The printing from model in working scale. Splines in AutoCAD, drawing of the line of a gap. Arcs, methods of their creation. Independent operation on drawing of difficult curvilinear circuits.


Work with units in AutoCAD.
Concept of the unit of AutoCAD. The main manipulations with units in AutoCAD: creation, insertion, editing, deleting. Drawing cleaning. Transmission of units between the documents AutoCAD.

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