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Information about the computer course Adobe Premiere

Computer course is designed for students with confident skills in Windows. Recommended to listen to a computer course Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Premiere - one of the most popular non-linear video editing software, due to a fortunate combination of rich features with ease of use. If you need to make multimedia presentation of firm, to create the manual or the commercial, to sound photos, to try quality of the film director or it is simple to surprise friends, Adobe Premiere will allow not only to achieve remarkable results, but also to receive the true pleasure from operation with Adobe Premiere.

In Adobe Premiere you can edit and mount video clips, use the graphics images and other materials. The projects prepared in Adobe Premiere, it is possible to save as digital clips for use in other packets, to transfer to a video film and CD ROM, to place on Internet resources.

The course of Adobe Premiere will be useful not only to professionals, but also those who isn't indifferent to computer graphics.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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The program of the computer course Adobe Premiere


Class: Main characteristics of the avi-file. For what mounting is necessary to video. What is the non-linear editing. Information input methods in the computer for further editing. Concept of an analog and digital video. Video digitization. Types of carriers for record and storage of video files. Level of loss of quality when using a certain type of the carrier. Area of use of video records. Standards of television signals.
Instruments of mounting on the PC: Acquaintance to the Adobe Premiere program. Principles of a program runtime. Project creation. Project organization on a hard drive of the computer. Project setup. Different types of projects. Communication between type of the project and the final miscalculation of the project: that we receive "on an output". Possible file formats of video, sound, animation and graphics (concept Sequence). Import of files, folders, projects. Saving of the project.
Practical work. Creation of the user installations. Import of files. The elementary project.


Setup of a window of the project: Creation of the user installations of a window of the project. Viewing and listening of files before import and in a project window. Placement of clips in a mounting window. Time line – its settings and change. Scalability of Time line. Use of "navigator". Creation of counterparts of clips, tags, comments for clips. Search of clips in a project window. Creation of baskets, as method of the organization of files. Methods of transfer of clips in a mounting window.
Practical work. Project creation with two baskets: the 1st Bin – video, 2 Bin - a sound. Adding, deleting tracks.


Operation with a sound: Different formats of sound files. What of them are used in Adobe Premiere. Sound recording. Voice processing. Concept Mute, adding / deleting pauses. Cutting and sound splice. Concept of amplitude, the frequency processing. Necessary sound level (DB). Music processing for a background. Sound splices. Possible sound filters. Operation with the tool Audio Micher. Sound level alignment when splicing different audiofragments. Sound movement. Sound attenuation.
Practical work. Choice of "speech" record from an offered set. Processing. Music selection, superimposing. Sound splices. Total: audioclip. Finite miscalculation: audio file output.


Concept of mounting and video splice: Principles of combination of video. Methods of alignment of clips in a mounting window. Change of duration of clips. Cropping of clips. Instruments of editing of clips. For what markers are necessary.
How to define work area for what to move it. Value of work area for the final miscalculation. Insertion, copying, cutting of fragments. Deleting fragments. Cutting of clips. Cutting of digital artifacts. Protection against editing. Operation with titles. Running titles.
Practical work. Clip creation with titles.


Binding of projects: Placement of connected projects. Replaceability of components. Concept of transition. Smoothing of frames. Picture freeze. Video deceleration \acceleration. Transition insertion. Change of parameters of transitions (duration, orientation, starting and ending point). Mask use in transitions. Creation of own mask (its development in Photoshop). Its parameters. Standard transitions. Types of transitions. Distinction in use of transitions to video records different in the contents.
Practical work. To connect all ready projects in one. To consider replaceability of projects. To pick up transitions.


Filters. Concept of the filter: Filter superimposing on the image. Standard filters. Filters for image quality improving. Ajust group. Use of the filter to several fragments of the clip. Group of effects for image deformation. Concept of keys. Application of keys to filters, transparency, volume. Arrangement of keys in case of effect setup. Group of decorative filters (Lens, Flare, Solanize, etc.).
Practical work. To pick up to a fragment of low-quality video group of filters for image quality improving. From static pictures to create a roller, having picked up combined transitions to suitable filters.


Operation with the hromakey: Concept of alpha channel. How to separate the image from a background. Methods of cutting, their advantage and shortcomings. Concept of a background (back). What it shall be. It is a little about lighting. How to illuminate hromaky. Three main camera shots. About movement on the hromaky. Concept of a storyboard.
Practical work. Cutting with хромакея. Creation of a television picture plus die. Compatibility on a sound of a musical background of a picture and the general musical background.


Operation with freeze frame images. Input of freeze frame images (the scanner, ready files, picture freezes from video). About color and its transmission via the TV set screen. Truncating of edges of the image. Transparency. Creation of transitions and thrashing from static images. Graphics animation.
Practical work. From own photo, video records to create the video business card. Panoramas.


Basic principles of creation of the integral video (movie). Creation of a skeleton of the movie: Scenario and storyboard; Selection of video records (static and dynamic); Audio track Collection; Adding of synchronies; Single style solution. Collection and viewing of separate pieces of the movie. Final assembly. Video viewing about detection of defects, audio listening. Finite titles. Final render.
Practical work. Video creation on the given subject.


Final class. Work execution for test examination.

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