Briefly about the course Adobe Photoshop Expert

  • 14 hours (21 academic hours)
  • 7 days
  • Start training - as agreed
  • Education in your office or on Skype
  • Cost - from 4800 Kč per person

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Information of the computer course Adobe Photoshop Expert

Computer course is designed for students with confident skills in Windows. We recommend to take a course Adobe Photoshop.

The course from the Expert series is intended for the experienced users who well familiar with the program and have taken our basic course of Adobe Photoshop. In the course of Adobe Photoshop Expert mainly addresses the practical techniques and typical problems encountered in the work of the designer, photographer, color correctors, typesetter.The most part of school hours is given to practice: to working off of skills, the solution of real tasks under the leadership of the teacher.

The course of Adobe Photoshop Expert is expected those listeners, which insufficiently superficial acquaintance with the program. Target audience: operating designers, maker-ups, photographers and all for what the kind of their activities "is tied" on thorough knowledge of course of Adobe Photoshop.

Instructor: Mikhail Kirian


Our advantages:

  • Individual training
  • The possibility of learning in your office
  • Convenient time employment
  • The course optimized for your tasks
  • Certified teachers
  • Free advice on the best bunch of programs to achieve maximum effect from training
  • Certificate of training center of CGClass

Cost of training

On Skype

Individually in your office

Corporate Training
in your office (per person)

5200 Kč

6500 Kč

2–10 persons — 5400 Kč
over 10 persons — 4800 Kč

The program of the computer course Adobe Photoshop Expert


Operation with vector graphics in Adobe Photoshop. Vectorial forms and PEN tool.
Practical operation. Creation of a vectorial logo.


Creation of difficult separation.
Practical work. Deleting a background in photos of difficult objects. Separation of objects on the basis of channels.


Professional retouch.
Practical work. Restoration of the old photo. Deleting excess objects from photos.


Professional photomontage.
Practical work. Collage creation from different objects from different images. Receiving photorealistic result.


Color correction.
Practical work. Correction of standard defects of a color rendition of the scanned images and digital photos.
Elimination of color shifts and artifacts. Color correction of the images intended for the printing.


Colorimetry and color management bases. Color spaces, color spanning, conversion of flowers.
Practical work. Use of color profiles of the scanned images and digital photos. Color conversion in space of the printing device and the printing. Operation with a screen coloring test.


Work automation. Professional use of actions. Scripts.
Practical work. Working off of standard tasks on automation of worker process.

On computer course of Adobe Photoshop we can offer you both personal form of education and corporate (group) form of education according to wishes of the customer.

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