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  • 5 days
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Information about the computer course 3d Max (3ds Max)

Computer course is designed for students with confident skills in Windows. 3ds Max - the full-function decision for 3D simulation, animation, visualization and creation of effects.

3ds Max is used in development of games, shooting of movies and video programs.

A course conducted under the direction of the instructor is an introduction course in 3ds Max. In rather short and oblate form, but the basic principles and opportunities are discussed with use simple (and not so) examples 3ds by Max in the field of simulation, rendering and animation. The task of course is receiving by the listener of the general knowledge of a packet and determination of the further direction on independent study.

Instructor: Andrei Afanasev


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Cost of training

On Skype

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5200 Kč

6500 Kč

2–10 persons — 5400 Kč
over 10 persons — 4800 Kč

The program of the computer course 3d Max (3ds Max)


Acquaintance with 3DS Max.
Structure of a packet, requirement to system.
Interface. Work with windows, keyboard shortcuts in 3DS Max. Units setup. Toolbars. Viewports. Command panel.
Work with primitives. Types of objects in 3ds max. Creation of simple objects. Object parameters. Operations with objects: select object, group, align objects, mirror.
Cloning modes: copy, instance, reference. Differences and features of them. Instruments of transformation: Select and move, Select and rotate, Select and scale, Select and place.
Snap toggles: 2D, 2,5D, 3D.
Practical work. Creation of the elementary scene with primitives.


Primitives in 3DS Max (standard and extension). Creation of primitives in 3DS Max, changing of their parameters.
Object modifiers, stack of modifiers in 3DS Max. Simple modifiers for object deformation: Taper, Bend, Twist, Noise, FFD (free deformations), Lattice, Slice, Shell. Setup of modifiers in a stack.
Boolean operations with objects (Boolean, Proboolean): Subtraction, Union, Intersection. Work with operands.
Practical work. Creation of Boolean objects.


Shapes. Edit Spline modifier. Editing of splines.
Modeling of simple forms. Change of vertex type.
Creation of objects from splines. Modifiers: Extrude, Bevel, Bevel profile.


Solid of revolution. Lathe modifier.
Modeling of difficult forms. Principles of creation, setup.
Object analysis, creation of lofting scheme. Creation and setup loft bodies (shape and path).
Editing of loft shapes. Twisting elimination.
Deformation (curves): Scale, Twist, Bevel, Teeter, Fit..
Practical work. Creation of solid of revolution, creation of loft bodies.


Modeling of complex objects. Mesh objects, editing of Mesh objects.
Edit Mesh modifier: the main commands, operation at the level of subobjects (vertex, polygon, edges, element). The smoothing modifiers: MeshSmooth, TurboSmooth.
Collection of all objects in a scene. Merge objects from other scenes.
Practical work. Creation of simple furniture models.

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