Doufáme, že se hodnocení našich kurzů na této stránce vám pomohou dozvědět více o našem procesu školení a lektorech.

The trainer had organized way of teaching, going from basics to advanced level in logical steps.
Every morning we were asked several questions and given tasks to perform from previous lesson.

Lukáš Pavlík
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, únor 2015

The trainer was asking questions, making us actively participate on the training. She was trying to make sure we are on the same page.
I personally found exactly what I needed . We didn´t receive any learning materials. But I have my own database where I can come back to every step we´ve made and Marina made sure we´ve made notes on important information.
I can set relationships between tables, Determine the correct relationship, primary keys and appropriate data types. I can plan and design database using appropriate query types. I can modify and create the queries not only using design view, but in the SQL as well. I can use parameters, forms, reports and build macros to automatize the process.

Daniela Pullmanová
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, únor 2015

Was the trainer organized? - YES, she was very organized following a natural increasing of knowledge.
Did the trainer know how to capture everyone’s attention? - YES. She learnt our names and she was checking often if we were understanding her explanations.
Was the training interactive? - YES. Based on question-answer strategies and trainer’s checks. Exercises.

Aaron Baretto
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, únor 2015

Great course, excellent materials and presentations! The training is relevant to my work and now after passing it, I can take what I learned and start applying it directly to the daily job.
Marina provided great explanation on each topic, which was accompanied with practical examples. The course and everything was done very professionally.
From my side I have nothing to complain, training was really enjoyable. I highly recommend it to the people who don’t have any MS Access background, and who want to learn a lot in a short period of time!

Eugeniu Andreev
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, červen 2015

I would like to provide some feedback on my Access training provided by Marina.
The overall training was delivered in an easy way to understand how to use the access software as well as in very professional way.
The trainer was punctual and explain all my questions I had. She keep us entertained with practical tasks within the software environment so there was no spot to be bored.
I found this training very useful and I think it help me to understand how I will use it in my day to day work. The scope of the training cover all the software environments so for the moment I won’t change/add nothing, but there might more questions arise once the usage of access increase from my side.

Jakub Kolář
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, červen 2015

Marina always came on time and was very well prepared, being 100% of the times able to explain more difficult processes in an understandable manner. The training includes all most important information needed to actually work and get proficient in Access, is well structured and easy to follow. Since there is quite a variety of tasks being explained/shown, Marina always made sure we were able to follow her, were getting the same results and understood why things were being done in a certain way. Extremely patient, she never showed any nervousness in maybe being asked more times the same question (she just tried to explain the process again, to make sure everybody was ok with it).

Lavinia Druta a Diana Ene
Kurz Microsoft Access 2010, srpen 2015